Sublime Goal

Bring Better Coffee Roasting
Experience To You

With the passion in coffee for more than three decades, and with the experience in machinery and dehydration, we devote ourselves entirely to a sublime goal: “Bring better coffee roasting experience to you”.

Located in one of tropical countries in the coffee belt, we name ourselves “KapoK” to show our great respect to the ancestry of this island. The totem and the image of aboriginal tribes here are incorporated in our roaster design.

KapoK’s Vision

Green And Sustainable

Inspired by the book Let My People Go Surfing written by Mr. Yvon Chouinard, we are determined to minimize environmental effects by using materials that are both recyclable and heavy-metal-free. It is KapoK’s vision and commitment to provide green and sustainable products with the awareness of environmental protection.

The primary target of KapoK is to provide durable, artistic and functional coffee roasters and roasting solutions with a particular focus on professional aroma and flavor performance. Meanwhile, the user-friendly interface allows users of our products to handle both Western and Eastern coffee roasting styles. All KapoK coffee roasters can be refurbished to its newly-built condition even after years.

KapoK might be small in the company scale, but we have a global vision with an outstanding creation in better coffee roasting devices. We look forward to building more intimate connection with our customers, and expanding our contribution in the coffee industry.